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Professions of an advertising agency

professions of an advertising agency"I work in advertising" – The advertising agency as a place of employment in order to earn his daily bread and wages, is "in" than ever – Not only for the generation that wants to do most "something in the media".

Advertising agencies have the reputation of the hip and trendy types, the image of an exciting world: Always "up to date", always on the cutting edge, exciting challenges, changing customer, at the same time a mostly casual work environment characterized by the spirit of a true creative workshop. Here, the profession is often still true vocation. But between briefing, timing, brainstorming and the next deadline is undoubtedly hard work, harder than many imagine. Because good ideas or innovative texts that have never been there, do not fall from the sky. Creativity, the alpha and omega of copywriter to graphic artist. And on the horizon, always waiting very next pitch around an attractive new customers.

Nevertheless, the advertising industry is booming, the number of employees in the sector advertising, communications and PR increases continuously. Especially because almost constantly open up new fields and disciplines, closely linked to the numerous new media and technologies. But often there are just new names for old professional images – what else – much more contemporary sound, but by far not constitute protected titles:

  • art director, screen designer, community manager – what really is behind it?
  • What does an account manager, what a media consultant?

The advertising agency real-time, the common division of labor in a modern agency before.


Many fields of work – one goal: Excellent advertisement

Excellent advertisementOne thing is certain: the larger the market is, the greater the degree of specialization – While small in think tanks much is done in a personal union, have the great on experts and specialists for almost every professional branch.

The heart of any creative agency, of course, is still the creation. They designed the basic concept of an advertising idea, specifies general design standards and guidelines. Within this still rather vague creation unfolds most if quite clear hierarchy:

Creative Director / Creative Director: The creative head of an agency

At its head is the creative director. This contributes to all tasks and creative work within the department responsible: it was the original print campaign, be it the new TV commercial for a client, it is the basic corporate design for a remanufactured brand image. This is about the basic strategy and framework of the whole. Clear messages and often great emotion it is important to create – and to lead a team.

This team is usually only once in several art directors. These are a bit more concrete in charge of design styles and co. You define basic optics and as the typography.

Graphic designers, media designers and final artwork implement the specifications then finally to visually. They have the special attention to detail, a good sense of design and style and create the graphical end products.

Special "relatives" of these employees are an advertising agency web designers, These have focused on the visual design of websites, online shops and portals, as these special requirements must meet, for example in terms of usability and user experience. Web pages are entirely perceived differently than, for example print products. Screen designer or user interface designer in this area once more varieties of labels.


Classic and new areas of work for an advertising agency

Classic and new areas of work for an advertising agencyAlways find the right words! The next important pillar of agency work are the copywriter is: Grippy slogans, crisp headlines, target groups and descriptive Copys – this is the world of copywriter.

Complex issues are poured into understandable, clear and memorable formulations that catches your eye and keep in mind. Good copywriters are rare, but they can search for and find.

Slightly less often found in an agency is the classic Editor: written one who press releases, the texts also edited and corrected. More often been cometh turn the digital variety in free agency before the wild: The online editor to write lyrics for targeted sites, familiar with blogging and also for areas such as SEO and Social Media are no foreign words.

Also essential part of the agency processes are the account manager – the direct line to each client. You as a customer advisor pulling the strings of the total projects in hand, control timing and articulate customer requirements into the agency into it. They are both the project manager, plan budgets and resources.


Online division as a growing segment in many advertising agencies

Online division as a growing segment in many advertising agenciesMany new challenges due to the online sector itself: programmers and developers implement the specifications of web designers technically – Your world is the HTML, PHP, WordPress, Typo 3 & Co. from long programming language and code page ultimately arise sophisticated websites.

But the most beautiful sites are useless if they are not found by the users, for example, in the search engines. Here comes the species of the search engine optimizers, named SEOs into play. You know what it takes to make web pages climb in its ranking of search results – often to the very top. This happens often with support from the social networks also play an increasingly important role for Google and Co. Social media but rather than that, namely, branding, image building and customer dialogue. Clearly, the presence of brands on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn long is also part of the work of an advertising agency. Specifically, hierum social media community manager or care. Content managers put images, text and new products not only on social platforms, but also generally in hosting websites / online stores.

In addition to all permanent employees, agencies have usually still over an entire pool of outdoors, so-called. Freelancers. These are mostly used project-related and can come from many different areas, due to their flexibility, they are becoming increasingly important, emphasized recently the well-known twago Blog.

About 30 to 50 job descriptions exist today in an advertising agency – and rising! But one thing should be clear: advertising agencies with their many tasks and challenges will only work in a team.


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Stories from the bat box

Hello, I am a common pipistrelle and to just what I was looking for a bat box in which I can live. I'm almost the smallest bat in Europe, only one of my relatives is smaller than me.


But that's not bad, because as the saying goes: I'm "small but powerful"!

Two days ago I returned from a long trip back and was about to fly into my old home when I realized with horror: from my little old dilapidated barn where I hang out otherwise, a carport had become!


Where then can I go?

So I flew aimlessly through the area, as was opened to me a sight that had on these people of the houses destroyed the anger & Accommodations for mammals, let fizzle out in seconds.

They had here apparently get a bad conscience and outlined a few bat boxes!

Bat boxes are not all the same

We bats are picky when it comes to our home, sometimes it can take years for us to accept and move offered bat boxes.

So that we do, of course, upside down, can attach in the new home, the insides should already be roughened, also because these birds that would otherwise make us a spanner in the works.

I had to this time not quite so picky, because in that instance everything really was perfect.

In the area are some of them and we are Pipistrelle bats are the most common species in this area, so I'm allowed to be happy soon about new neighbors.


As I said, this box is really great

In about 4 meters suspended above the ground, free flight path to the front, left and right, especially with a test flight assistance outside the entrance.

Also, it smells so good, the client has probably helped along with organic wood preservatives.

I can only say: Top apartment in terms of equipment, of that there is this great location. I do not have to fly to a nearby forest area long, a bit of sun in the morning, just like in the evening, it is also protected from the wind and through the small pond next door has enough bat food to eat.

I know how I can thank this man, all the little gnats buzzing the evening through his garden and always encourage him to wild arm movements, I will eliminate him.

A win-win situation, because I taste these little bloodsuckers very good.


Hanging out in the new bat box

An optimal bat box nature, which could be set up anywhere, there is not, this here, my new own words, is perfectly adapted to its environment, and so I could not say no.

Also, I've sniffs remains of relatives on the ground, in bat circles the rumor going around, people scattered that extra in the boxes to attract us.

Utter Nonsense in my eyes. Also good that there is no tar paper was used on the roof, from a friend, I learned that some of the wings have been glued all of us in hot summers of heruntertropfendem tar, imagine you've once before.

No, this is something on it like pond liner in my new digs, a good thing.

After a thorough and profound analysis of my new abode, I am confident that we can spend a comfortable life here.

Soon it will be time for the young , the clock starts ticking of life! Then we prefer to have our peace and then also the first reconnaissance flights of our protégés to marvel!

When it gets colder then , we are even more grateful for this bat box , because then the whole colonies hibernation. And if you people treated us well and not too often interferes, we come to our wide trains always come back happy .

I for one feel here like at home already!

Dentures and dental implants as ultimate in technology?

Dentures and dental implants as ultimate in technologyWho wants to play it safe in the third teeth number, decides today often than the average for dental implants and dentures.

They are considered the Ferrari of dentures variants await with many benefits and enjoy a very special image.

Patients specifically ask for implants, dentists tend to advise to them, health insurance companies have nothing against them. However, the latter did not pay with their rule grants – and this is perhaps the major shortcoming, why not keep them in German mouths even more of its kind collection.

In recent years, there is a real buzz around dental implants: They represent the most innovative, what modern dentistry has produced to date, implantology is a fast growing and almost independent branch of dentistry, dental laboratories are increasingly artificial tooth roots in their order books and more and more doctors and clinics specialize in all dental implants.


Dentures – from alternative to crown and bridge for non-alternative solution?

DenturesCause and effect is difficult to identify, is probably assume a reciprocity: The professional dental sector adjusts to the increased demand by patients, but this has also been created only with the support and force Selbiger.

The reasons are obvious: This form of tooth replacement almost does not differ from their own, natural teeth. Both in terms of functionality as well as in optics.

Implants also have an extremely long life of the same several decades and they consist mostly of well-tolerated materials.

With its inclusion in the jaw – and see dentists usually like special because it simply makes sense – pulled no healthy tooth affected. This is probably the key difference to traditional dentures such as a bridge, to be ground at the normally healthy adjacent teeth.

Through the direct installation in the jaw bone loss also the dreaded Paroli is offered.


Dental implants for all? Absolutely not!

Dental ImplantsHowever, one should not forget that the use of dental implants is far from suitable for everyone: It takes a previously healthy bone in the jaw – this is not always possible to build artificial.

And afterwards there are particular requirements for the care and oral hygiene. Meanwhile, every patient should be aware already in advance. Of this, much depends on the durability.

Also limiting is the still relatively high cost of implants, the almost restricts the typical clientele of implantology from home. This "barrier" or at least softens more and more.

With alternative payment models and financing of dental services such as Audentic AG, dental implants, for example, overseas production cheaper than most of the competitors offer.


Dentures and Dental Implants: The split personalities of Dentistry

Dentures and Dental Implants: The split personalities of DentistrySplit personalities: Dentures and dental implants are undoubtedly among the best that dentistry has to offer these days.

Nevertheless, they lead a split life in German dental practices: Due to their outstanding medical benefits, the artificial tooth roots becoming more and more popular.

At the same time they spread fear and terror when emerge the actual costs, the expensive treatment can still cringe. So are the split personalities implants in dental technology: popular and feared at the same time, euphoric and demand eyed skeptical. They hover between (medical) and ultimate (financial) no-go.

Who needs implants, knows what the hour has struck. Because they are probably the most far-reaching intervention in the human dentition.

Here it is not done with the filling of a tooth, here is no longer sufficient for the crown – the tooth or several teeth need to be removed and replaced due to their injury.

This is still the most common case, when implants come into play.

Of course there are many other causes of how and why a dental implant may be needed.

To close a tooth gap, but also stands for the fantastic opportunities available to medicine today. Artificial joints, artificial organs – artificial tooth roots.

Nothing is impossible (almost) everything you can to restore.


Medically top, priced a flop? The dilemma of qualitative restoration

  • But everything is also a question of price:

    • Because of the enormous potential that dental implants offer a price. Despite all the advantages – such as long shelf life, and high compatibility to the enormous aesthetic – here the pendulum oscillates in many patients in the other direction.
  • It's like buying a car:

    • Horsepower, gadgets, the optics can still be impressive, eventually the conversation turns to the cost. Who is this simply can not afford, but will not resort to the sedan, but the small car in doubt. Because with two you get to your destination, both do their duty.
  • It is similar with the teeth:

    • Dental implants have everything that the patient's heart desires, but still able to finance these few people. This can then decide in the end but for the much cheaper alternative, such as a bridge.

So long as accompanied by the high quality on the one with equally high prices on the other side, which will not change "split personality" of dental implants – but probably to send dental services, such as the Audentic AG to to increasingly resolve the dissonance.


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