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Dentures and dental implants as ultimate in technology?

Dentures and dental implants as ultimate in technologyWho wants to play it safe in the third teeth number, decides today often than the average for dental implants and dentures.

They are considered the Ferrari of dentures variants await with many benefits and enjoy a very special image.

Patients specifically ask for implants, dentists tend to advise to them, health insurance companies have nothing against them. However, the latter did not pay with their rule grants – and this is perhaps the major shortcoming, why not keep them in German mouths even more of its kind collection.

In recent years, there is a real buzz around dental implants: They represent the most innovative, what modern dentistry has produced to date, implantology is a fast growing and almost independent branch of dentistry, dental laboratories are increasingly artificial tooth roots in their order books and more and more doctors and clinics specialize in all dental implants.


Dentures – from alternative to crown and bridge for non-alternative solution?

DenturesCause and effect is difficult to identify, is probably assume a reciprocity: The professional dental sector adjusts to the increased demand by patients, but this has also been created only with the support and force Selbiger.

The reasons are obvious: This form of tooth replacement almost does not differ from their own, natural teeth. Both in terms of functionality as well as in optics.

Implants also have an extremely long life of the same several decades and they consist mostly of well-tolerated materials.

With its inclusion in the jaw – and see dentists usually like special because it simply makes sense – pulled no healthy tooth affected. This is probably the key difference to traditional dentures such as a bridge, to be ground at the normally healthy adjacent teeth.

Through the direct installation in the jaw bone loss also the dreaded Paroli is offered.


Dental implants for all? Absolutely not!

Dental ImplantsHowever, one should not forget that the use of dental implants is far from suitable for everyone: It takes a previously healthy bone in the jaw – this is not always possible to build artificial.

And afterwards there are particular requirements for the care and oral hygiene. Meanwhile, every patient should be aware already in advance. Of this, much depends on the durability.

Also limiting is the still relatively high cost of implants, the almost restricts the typical clientele of implantology from home. This „barrier“ or at least softens more and more.

With alternative payment models and financing of dental services such as Audentic AG, dental implants, for example, overseas production cheaper than most of the competitors offer.


Dentures and Dental Implants: The split personalities of Dentistry

Dentures and Dental Implants: The split personalities of DentistrySplit personalities: Dentures and dental implants are undoubtedly among the best that dentistry has to offer these days.

Nevertheless, they lead a split life in German dental practices: Due to their outstanding medical benefits, the artificial tooth roots becoming more and more popular.

At the same time they spread fear and terror when emerge the actual costs, the expensive treatment can still cringe. So are the split personalities implants in dental technology: popular and feared at the same time, euphoric and demand eyed skeptical. They hover between (medical) and ultimate (financial) no-go.

Who needs implants, knows what the hour has struck. Because they are probably the most far-reaching intervention in the human dentition.

Here it is not done with the filling of a tooth, here is no longer sufficient for the crown – the tooth or several teeth need to be removed and replaced due to their injury.

This is still the most common case, when implants come into play.

Of course there are many other causes of how and why a dental implant may be needed.

To close a tooth gap, but also stands for the fantastic opportunities available to medicine today. Artificial joints, artificial organs – artificial tooth roots.

Nothing is impossible (almost) everything you can to restore.


Medically top, priced a flop? The dilemma of qualitative restoration

  • But everything is also a question of price:
    • Because of the enormous potential that dental implants offer a price. Despite all the advantages – such as long shelf life, and high compatibility to the enormous aesthetic – here the pendulum oscillates in many patients in the other direction.
  • It’s like buying a car:
    • Horsepower, gadgets, the optics can still be impressive, eventually the conversation turns to the cost. Who is this simply can not afford, but will not resort to the sedan, but the small car in doubt. Because with two you get to your destination, both do their duty.
  • It is similar with the teeth:
    • Dental implants have everything that the patient’s heart desires, but still able to finance these few people. This can then decide in the end but for the much cheaper alternative, such as a bridge.

So long as accompanied by the high quality on the one with equally high prices on the other side, which will not change „split personality“ of dental implants – but probably to send dental services, such as the Audentic AG to to increasingly resolve the dissonance.


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