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Stories from the bat box

Hello, I am a common pipistrelle and to just what I was looking for a bat box in which I can live. I'm almost the smallest bat in Europe, only one of my relatives is smaller than me.


But that's not bad, because as the saying goes: I'm "small but powerful"!

Two days ago I returned from a long trip back and was about to fly into my old home when I realized with horror: from my little old dilapidated barn where I hang out otherwise, a carport had become!


Where then can I go?

So I flew aimlessly through the area, as was opened to me a sight that had on these people of the houses destroyed the anger & Accommodations for mammals, let fizzle out in seconds.

They had here apparently get a bad conscience and outlined a few bat boxes!

Bat boxes are not all the same

We bats are picky when it comes to our home, sometimes it can take years for us to accept and move offered bat boxes.

So that we do, of course, upside down, can attach in the new home, the insides should already be roughened, also because these birds that would otherwise make us a spanner in the works.

I had to this time not quite so picky, because in that instance everything really was perfect.

In the area are some of them and we are Pipistrelle bats are the most common species in this area, so I'm allowed to be happy soon about new neighbors.


As I said, this box is really great

In about 4 meters suspended above the ground, free flight path to the front, left and right, especially with a test flight assistance outside the entrance.

Also, it smells so good, the client has probably helped along with organic wood preservatives.

I can only say: Top apartment in terms of equipment, of that there is this great location. I do not have to fly to a nearby forest area long, a bit of sun in the morning, just like in the evening, it is also protected from the wind and through the small pond next door has enough bat food to eat.

I know how I can thank this man, all the little gnats buzzing the evening through his garden and always encourage him to wild arm movements, I will eliminate him.

A win-win situation, because I taste these little bloodsuckers very good.


Hanging out in the new bat box

An optimal bat box nature, which could be set up anywhere, there is not, this here, my new own words, is perfectly adapted to its environment, and so I could not say no.

Also, I've sniffs remains of relatives on the ground, in bat circles the rumor going around, people scattered that extra in the boxes to attract us.

Utter Nonsense in my eyes. Also good that there is no tar paper was used on the roof, from a friend, I learned that some of the wings have been glued all of us in hot summers of heruntertropfendem tar, imagine you've once before.

No, this is something on it like pond liner in my new digs, a good thing.

After a thorough and profound analysis of my new abode, I am confident that we can spend a comfortable life here.

Soon it will be time for the young , the clock starts ticking of life! Then we prefer to have our peace and then also the first reconnaissance flights of our protégés to marvel!

When it gets colder then , we are even more grateful for this bat box , because then the whole colonies hibernation. And if you people treated us well and not too often interferes, we come to our wide trains always come back happy .

I for one feel here like at home already!

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