We would like to give you an example to show the significance of search engine optimization (SEO).

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Successful search engine optimization as an efficient Internet marketing tool

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective instrument of Internet marketing that is used to put websites in the top places in search engines.

Because who is there through a successful search engine optimization exactly when a user by a search for a certain product expresses his intention to buy, has the greatest chances to close a deal.

With far more than 8 billion websites worldwide, you run the risk very quickly of not reaching your customers in the desired way – you simply won’t be found.

In the meantime, over 85% of all Internet users (source: study W & V Online) use search services such as Google or Yahoo when browsing the web forest. The searchability via such services is therefore of decisive importance for the successful internet presence of a company.

This fact gave impulses for the development of search engine marketing. Search engine marketing ensures that websites appear in search engines and thus become visible to potential customers. Search engine optimization is the most efficient within a multitude of possible methods.


Advantages for your company at a glance

  • Significant increase in the number of visitors to your homepage
  • Additional visitors are potential customers because they are de facto looking for your product or service.
  • They will be found in the search engines before the competition
  • Strengthening of your own brand through the presence of your company in the most frequently used search engines
  • The efficiency of your Internet presence is increased
  • Reduce the cost of paid listings / sponsored links (if they are used by you)

Classical marketing tries to arouse interest. Search engine marketing satisfies an existing need.


What is more effective? Our goal is the Top 10!

The fact is: 90% of users only view the first result page of their search query.

For this reason, Echtzeit GmbH & Co. KG has set itself the goal of placing its customers‘ websites among the top 10 – positions of the most important search services. Only these bring the desired benefit to our customers – and only these we value as success.

Our SEO’s charge depending on success

In contrast to other providers, the advertising Agency Echtzeit offers a transparent and success-oriented pricing model for keyword optimization, in which the monthly costs depend on the success of our work – i.e. on the top 10 positions achieved. This means that you only pay for what we actually achieve. And not in advance, but only if we are successful.

Our SEO’s ensure lasting results

The mere registration in hundreds of search engines has practically no effect. A one-time optimization only leads to temporary success. Search engines change their search algorithms and new websites are created every day, resulting in very different positions. Echtzeit GmbH & Co. KG ensures that our customers are on the first page of the results during the entire contract period by continuously monitoring the positions and adjusting all measures.

Our SEO’s control

We create monthly success reports that list all top 10 rankings of the agreed search terms. These are our accounting basis, only the reached Top 10 – places will be charged.

Our SEO’s optimize search engine friendly

We strictly adhere to basic rules in order to ensure the quality, reliability and transparency of our services and observe the specifications of the search services. All measures are carried out in a search engine friendly manner. We do not use spam techniques such as misleading content.

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